Born to an alcoholic mother, Alina* was found as a young child, scavenging for food on the streets of a second-world country. Eventually, she was taken into protective care and spent several years in a foreign orphanage before being adopted by George and his wife.

George and his wife had anticipated challenges with adoption, but they did not fully understand the scope and severity of Alina’s problems until after the adoption.  From the start, the family had to deal with Alina’s lying, stealing and other willful behaviors.  Hoping to help her, George and his wife tried a number of traditional therapy alternatives, but none made a significant difference.

When they hit a particular crisis George went looking for help and found The Ranch for Kids. The family researched the ranch and decided to enroll Alina.   After seven months, they sensed enough change in her attitude to bring her home.

Alina recently returned to the ranch for four months to establish Montana residency.  Now 18, she is attending the Montana Youth Challenge Academy.

George shares, “Alina still has issues to resolve, but we are so grateful to the Ranch for helping her address many of her problems and allowing her to gain residency in Montana. The ranch’s counselors are a big reason Alina is now in the Academy program which will further set her on course for a productive adult life.  The Ranch has made a remarkable difference for our family.”

*Name changed at family’s request