Our Stories

There are many stories of lives that are changed through the Ranch For Kids. Whether it is a parent, a staff member, or a story of the kids in the program, The Ranch For Kids continues to offer a bridge of hope and healing to everyone involved.

  • tesfaye-and-family

    Upon hearing Tesfaye’s story, New York-based couple Jennifer and Ray Hatch knew they had to do something. Originally from Ethiopia, Tesfaye was... Read more

  • stinson

    In this video interview, Wayne Stinson reveals how the Ranch for Kids has helped his family find new hope with their adopted daughter Julia. He... Read more

  • STS_5347-untitled

    Bill and Beth Cole decided to adopt children after they learned they would not be able to have their own. The couple was aware of a need in Belarus... Read more

  • STS_5556-2

    Born to an alcoholic mother, Alina* was found as a young child, scavenging for food on the streets of a second-world country. Eventually, she was... Read more

  • Winter-08-019

    A family of four, the Perrys* were ecstatic at the prospect of adoption. After researching extensively, the Perrys adopted internationally, welcoming... Read more