Who We Serve

The Ranch for Kids serves as a bridge of hope and healing for children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and their families. Children with FASD and RAD struggle with mental and emotional barriers that make living in community difficult and dangerous, both for the child and their family. By the time a family reaches out to us, many have pursued numerous traditional treatments without improvement. Many have lost of hope.

Why? Children with FASD and RAD rarely respond to traditional methods because these methods have not been developed to serve this population. These children are unique and require a program addressing the specific challenges they face: attachment, entitlement and vision. Simply administering pills or participating in counseling will not help a child with FASD or RAD heal and learn new habits.

Children with FASD and RAD have experienced significant abuse and abandonment from an early age. Most who come to the ranch have been adopted cultures outside the United States. The majority have lived in foster care and all have incurred damage to the brain caused by the birth mother’s use of alcohol during pregnancy.  All these factors combine to create extreme trauma and require an innovative approach to rehabilitation.

Common behaviors for children with these disorders include extreme tantrums, inflicting severe physical harm on family members, molesting other children, harming or killing pets, lying, stealing, and other similar behaviors.

Few parents are equipped to manage these behaviors and help a child with FASD and RAD overcome these hurdles.  Most medical professionals that serve children do not understand how to provide effective treatment for FASD and RAD.

The Ranch for Kids provides an environment conducive to healing and growth for this exceptional population. The ranch offers a quiet environment that for reflection and focus coupled with practical activities that build ownership and discourage entitlement.  This structure implemented with firm, kind consistency by our highly trained team, supports the development of decision-making skills and the ability to begin forming relationships. It is the formula that is helping children who come to The Ranch for Kids, and their families find hope and healing for a fresh start.